Providing all of the individual disciplines needed to build our customers products,
From simple prototypes to complex fully functioning products ready to sell. At CSIEMS we have the capability, the capacity, and the technology.  
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Our surface mount facility enables us to populate a wide variety of single and double sided assemblies at high speed and with exacting precision.

Comprising of 8 individual high performance Juki pick and place machines, our three surface mount lines, provide huge capacity and flexibility. We have over 1000 component feeders, laser centering and advanced vision recognition which ables to accurately place all currently available packages from 01005 up to 54mm square. 


Not all printed circuit board assemblies are surface mount technology, very few printed circuit board assemblies are entirely surface mount. We manufacture both exclusively through hole and mixed technology PCBA's for a broad range of applications.

Our skilled operators are trained to the highest standards in hand soldering and fully understand the complexities of conventional through hole assembly and are trained to IPC610.

To ensure regulatory compliance we have separate leaded and lead-free flow solder machines enabling our processes to be as efficient as possible..  


Most products require an interconnect , therefore complimenting our printed circuit board assembly and Box build capabilities, we have cable assembly and harness manufacture as an integral part of our business.

CSIEMS manufacture a diverse range of custom cables and assemblies to our customers’ specifications, ranging from simple cut, strip & tin discreet wires and cables to producing complex harnesses and looms.

We are experienced in producing IDC Ribbon cables, crimp and wire to board connectors, Coax cables for radio and networking, Data communications, automotive cables, box and panel assemblies.


CSIEMS offer both fast and standard turnaround prototype PCB assembly, we have no minimum order quantity and have the capability to place all surface mount and through hole components.

• No minimum quantity
• Thru-hole, SMT, and mixed technology assembly
• No-clean process
• Single and double sided SMT
• Leaded and lead-free solders
• Single or double sided BGA placement
• Chips down to 1005 size
• Components up to 54mm sq,
• Leadless Chip Carriers/CSP/QFN/POP
• Fine Pitch parts to 15 mils


All of our customers products undergo our NPI process as close to commencement as possible, we consider and evaluate the design, the manufacturability and viability of the product,

We consider and advise our customers with PCB layout, mechanical assembly and all manufacturing aspects of the product. We use established DFM (Design for Manufacture) and DFT (Design for Test) methodology and tools to ensure the product is produced efficiently, economically and consistently giving our customers best value, excellent quality and on-time products.


Wherever possible it is our aim to provide a fully integrated turnkey solution, at CSIEMS we are multi-disciplined and have the skill set to build our customers complete finished product ready to ship to market. We are experienced at using and specifying Plastic mouldings, Sheet metal Enclosures and castings.

We can assemble complex mechanical systems with embedded electronics and then functionally test them. We provide a fast efficient "one stop shop" bringing all of the individual elements of the product together whether manufactured by CSIEMS or a partner.